The 'Mobitor' is the Mobiliar Build Monitor (hence its name). In summary its simply an application that shows the status of builds, deployments, code analysis and runtime information on a screen (in a browser). To be used as a build monitor. The development teams in the Mobiliar use it to simplify the transparency of their developed services, metrics and delivery pipeline status along with information on service health.

In short this can be done:

mobitor screen


A build monitor displays information on a screen. So its mainly static content and does not come with a lot of interaction features. The Mobitor uses a json format to describe a screen. Several sources can be configured:

  • Liima (for deployment information)

  • TeamCity (for CI builds and test-runs)

  • SonarQube (for static code analysis and test coverage)

  • Jira (for issues and jira filter results)

  • BitBucket Server (for the time between commit and deployment to an environment)

  • Rest API calls (based on a swagger.json uri the Mobitor can show some health information)

  • some more that are rather Mobiliar specific (see plugins below)

  • Kubernetes Job information (Batch runs)


  • Java 11 (OpenJDK)

  • Maven 3.3.9 (or newer)

The Mobitor can be deployed as a docker image. It does not require a storage backend, all data is held in memory. It uses Spring Boot 2.x, Spring MVC and Thymleaf to render the web pages.


The single sources of information are put into plugins:

Some additional features include:


For screen users

For Mobitor Operations / Maintenance

So after all the work, what will you get?! Head over to our gallery of screens that our development teams at the Mobiliar use.



If you found a bug, or you are missing a feature or have a suggestion please report it in the issue tracker.

Plugin Contributions

If you created your own plugin and you want to make it available in the default Mobitor distribution, please also create an issue in the issue tracker for this so people know you are working on this. Try to keep a similar structure like the other plugins and simply create a pull-request!

Mobitor Parent Version: 3.1.374