Loads deployment state and version from Liima. Works as VersionInformation implementation in Mobitor so its information will be used to display the version on a server/application/environment.


The plugin requires properties to connect to Liima:

The required properties are:


The Liima Client currently only supports client certificate authentication. The client certificate must be passed into the Mobitor using the related Java system properties (see Liima Client documentation).

"liimaServers": [

The "liimaServers" section is a list of Liima server names (exact string match).

This list is usually a subset of the "serverNames" in the same screen.json file. Every serverName that is also listed under "liimaServers" will be interpreted as a deployment using Liima.


liima information block

The Liima information block shows the state (red for failed, yellow for in progress and green for successful). In Mobitor version information is not part of the information block but rendered in front of all information blocks, due to the LiimaInformation implementing the VersionInformation interface.